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Scholasticus: Focusing on faculty


In consulting with faculty at the university where I work and through conversations with colleagues at other institutions, I discovered that there are many persistent issues that arise in the intersection of copyright law and teaching. I started to write a post that addressed these several pervading questions, but the post grew too long for conventional blog fodder. So I decided I would start a new weekly post that would address one of these questions. I am calling this weekly feature “Scholasticus” – the Latin word for Scholar (I took Latin in college and rarely since law school have I had the opportunity to use it.) The format for Scholasticus posts will be a question or scenario followed by a detailed response that relies upon the black letter of the law, judicial interpretation of that law, and the common or best practices that have been adapted to follow that law. I invite comments and discussion, as well as suggestions for future topics to be addressed in this weekly feature.  Remember, these posts (as all my material) should not be regarded as legal advice – they are merely my opinion and understanding. As always, please seek the advice of your own attorney or your institution’s general counsel before proceeding.


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